Monday, 27 January 2014

Walk Of Shame (Naked Lipgloss Review)

  Hooray! Urban Decay have finally decided to release new lip glosses! This time, they're Naked.

The range of lip glosses are due to hit stores in the UK on 1st Feb 2014, and are all under the Naked range by UD. The lip glosses come in 9 shades ranging from light nudes to nude pinks and plum shades. The shade above is called Walk Of Shame and is one of the nude shades available, it reminds me of the shades that look like the cliche your lips but better.

What is one of the best things about these glosses is that not only are they infused with TONS of lip care benefits and how pigmented they are but the consistency is not gloomy or sticky but feels more like a liquid balm! These are amazing!! The Naked Glosses give amazing lip dimension and in doing so give your lips that plump look, minus the tingle and the gloop! No more sticky lips and hair stuck onto lip drama! 

The price range is TBC until they hit stores but my guess is that they will retail around the £14-£16 mark.  Totally worth it for the product you're getting, you can guarantee you will find a shade for you! 

The packaging is beyond beautiful, linking with the Naked 3 Palette, it showcases a magnificent rose gold hardware with see through letters showing the shade of the gloss, which can also be seen at the bottom of the case, too. The doe foot applicator is on point at allowing maximum application onto lips and will give you enough to cover your lips without having you go back for a second application, you get that beautiful glossy lip in just one swipe! 

* I work at Urban Decay and was lucky enough to be given this to try out, I have not been asked to do a review, these are my own opinions on the product. 


Thursday, 9 January 2014


I know that the Naked 3 has had tons of reviews already, especially since a few bloggers were given some to review prior to release, I thought I would still put my 2 cents in. Being lucky enough to work for Urban Decay, myself and my colleagues were able to purchase a palette each prior to the stock being put out for sale (lucky me!) and I've had a while to play around with the colours at home and work to get a good feel for them!

The palette retails at £37.00, which is the same as Naked and Naked 2, and you get 12 beautiful shades starting from a matte flesh tone all the way down through rose gold, pink, brown and taupe mattes and shimmers, ending with a BEAUTIFUL darkest brown/black shade which has little red/pink flecks of glitter in. The palette also comes with a double ended brush, one end being a flat brush and the other a blending brush. An added bonus is a strip of each of the Primer Potions, holding a weeks worth of each!

Here's a swatch of each colour with flash on, since with flash you'll be able to see any shimmer or glitter better:

My favourite shades have to be Limit, Trick, Nooner, Factory, Darkside and Blackheart.

My least favourite shades or shade should I say is Dust...because that's exactly what it is...Dust. It's nice when applied on top of a primer so that it sticks to the liquid or used as a highlight when used sparingly...but I do find it hard to incorporate in a look since the consistency is pretty granular like and is hard to blend into other shadows. I do think on the other hand, it would look good if used on a wet brush to create a wet look eye shadow. I'm indifferent to the other shades unmentioned, they're all nice shades used on their own and with other colours but they're not anything to get excited about. 

 All in all the palette is a good investment if you love day time shadows or want something that you can transition from day to evening without hassle. At £37, it's a bargain for how many shades you're getting, and with the vast array of colours to play with, you can't go wrong. 

The packaging is also beautiful, with its rose gold hardware and ridged top, it stands out in my palette collection. 

I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone who loves their pink/brown/taupe hues or needs a nice daytime palette that can take them into the evening. 

Here's a look I did on my lovely boss whilst at work the other week using the Naked 3 palette! 

Have you got Naked yet?! 

Lauren xo

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Since I've started working for Urban Decay, I've been lucky enough to play with the beautiful products available, and I'm fast falling in love with certain products from UD. Urban Decay is a well known brand as many of you may know already, and is known for the fantastic pigments, formula's and durability their products hold.I have a very long list of favourite products by UD, but this little gem is in my top 5.

The Moondust collection is a variant of fine glitter eyeshadows, all having different undertones to them. What I like the most about this product, apart from its obvious beauty, is the almost wet look effect it gives which is very sexy, and it can be either sheered right down to a light, fine and flirty effect, or once built upon, has the potential to create a very bold and sexy glittery eye make up.

Space Cowboy is an amazing peach/flesh toned shade that compliments ALL skin types and shades. It can be worn alone to create the wet look I've mentioned, or built upon any colour to give you that beautiful glittery eye. This particular shade sells like hot cakes due to its undertone, because like I mentioned, it suits all shades from very pale to very dark tone skin. 

I find myself applying this on top of all my eye makeup, I am literally addicted to it! I really urge you to try and get your hands on this if you're around an Urban Decay counter, you won't be disappointed!

I have no faults with this product, and here's why:

1. You have hardly any fall out since the glitter particles are very fine, and if one or two do fall underneath or onto the face they are easily swiped off using a fluffy brush. 
2.The product costs £14.00 and you have 1.5g, which is a lot considering you don't need much at all to get the effect you see in the pan.
3. It can be used to create many looks, and used on top of any shade imaginable.
4. It doesn't matter what skin tone you are, you will be able to rock any of the colours!
5.It has amazing durability, even without a primer.

 The only thing I would stress is to make sure you don't leave the lid on the container open for long periods of time, the product is a solid and tends to dry out when left open. If it's treated with care, the moonshine shadows can last a very very long time.

I'm in love! I'm planning on getting all of the shades soon! Have you tried the moonshine shadow collection? Let me know in the comments if you have and which one you like the most!

I hope you have all had a fantastic new year, and I wish you all the best of luck, love, happiness and prosperity for 2014!

Lauren xo

DISCLAIMER: I purchased the product with my own money, I was not gifted this product from Urban Decay and I am not paid or asked to review their products. All comments I have made in this review are my own and are 100% honest.