Monday, 24 June 2013

Guess who's back!

1.Doing my make up whilst watching one of my favourite films 2. night out with my best friend and work friends! 3. Cheeky selfie before a night out last week! 4. my ultimate favourite food everrrr! 

I'm back! finally!

I know I've been gone for a while (approx 4 weeks) but I have a good (ish) reason as to why I haven't been blogging. I moved house! It's been so stressful moving, with trying to make the house a home and not to mention finally setting up the internet so I could get back to what I enjoy most, and that's writing on here. I've been so lost/bored without my blog, it's been pretty painful! Thankfully I'm back online and able to do blogging more often now, especially now I'm finished at college! yay! 

I also desperately need to update my music library.... eek! Amazing how much we depend on  the internet these days!

Hope everyone is doing well, stay tuned for more posts this week ladies! It's good to be back :)!


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