Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Apocalips lip lacquers review

Hi all!

I thought I'd do a quick review on the Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquers. I know there are a ton of reviews floating around online, and I was meant to get a review out when they first were released but it seemed like everyone and their mum were posting reviews about these beauties. So I thought I'd wait and put my two cents in when the hype had calmed down a bit! 

At the time boots were doing a 3 for 2 on all Rimmel Products and I believe they're still doing that offer online and instore, so take advantage! I purchased Celestial, Big Bang and Apocoliptic. 

The packaging is actually pretty cute! I love the diamond effect lid, and the fact the outside is black from the top down to the hint of colour from your lip lacquer peeking through at the bottom. The formula itself is AMAZING. It lasts all day and once you pop a bit over your lips to touch up, can last all night. The gloss does eventually disappear, but you're still left with a colour on your lips, almost a stained effect left by the lacquer. The only downside is they do smudge easily, and should be worn with caution on a drunken night out haha! You can easily be left looking a hot mess with colour all over your chin after drinking from a cup! For extra precaution, try and blot your lips after application... it saves a lot of mess and embarrassment  But over time the lacquer dries a bit and isn't so slippy. 

Apocoliptic is a beautiful bright fuschia colour, and is my go to spring/summer party lip colour. I haven't worn it as much as the other two colours, but I hope now it's getting warmer here in the UK, I'll be wearing this a lot more! I can't seem to make it work with all my dark pieces of clothing haha!

Celestial is my absolute favourite of all three, and probably my most favourite lip product of 2013. It's the perfect 'your lips but better' colour. It's a dream to maintain colour as even when it fades, your lips still look just as good. Also because the shade isn't so crazy, if you do end up getting it anywhere else apart from your lips.... it's easily erased ;)!

 (Apologies for the really bad/messy photo!)

Big Bang is the perfect red lip colour. I have used this colour on nights out and although is a beautiful colour, the formula is a bit too slippy and after a few drinks can end up all over your face and because it's red it ends up looking horrendous.... blot blot blot if you use this colour in the evening! It is nonetheless a fantastic red shade and I think any skin tone could get away with this shade! Overall I'd say Rimmel got it spot on with this product. It offers a lot  and even though it can be messy, it's worth it! I think I'll be getting all shades!

What are your thoughts on these lip lacquers? What's your favourite shade? 

Lauren xo


  1. I love the look of these! especially in Celestial & Luna :) I really want to try one, think I need to get myself down to Boots :) Just followed, love your blog! xo