Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Babyliss Boutique curling wand

I purchased this curling wand around a month ago via Very.co.uk, but I know not everyone wants a catalogue so I linked you lovies to Boots whom I know sells it. I purchased my wand for £29.99, which is the same as boots. 

I didn't really do any research on the wand, although usually I do with anything I purchase, it was bought on a bit of a whim. All I knew was that I really wanted a curler on a budget, where I could create curls and most importantly for me, some lovely summery waves. I tend to find that waves suit me better, because not only do I keep my length with my hair (I hate when curls make my hair shrink!) but it suits my roundish face. I think I look rather horrendous with really curly hair, I can only have loose curls at a push, but I always try and opt for a nice soft wave... which is exactly what it says on the box... so I had to buy! 

I haven't got much experience with curling tongs or wands or anything other than a hairdryer or GHD's. I was scared! Thankfully, it came with a nifty little glove which protects the hand you're using to hold the hair against the wand and a mat which you lay the wand on when you're waiting for it to heat up, whilst you're curling your hair and when it's cooling down. I have however managed to drop the wand on my bare leg on top of a bruise - Ouch! So be wary if you haven't tried anything like this as it's a bit fiddly! It takes a few goes to get it right, I find it hard to do the right hand side of my hair... still learning ^_^!

I do though love the outcome from using this wand. Not only do I magic up amazing waves and loose curls but it gives the most amazing shine to my hair and makes it feel amazing which are ultimate bonuses! 
I'm absolutely in love with this wand, and it's now become my go to hair tool for day to day hairstyles and evening styles too! 

Have you tried the BaByliss Boutique Curling wand? Or do you use another?

Lauren xo

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  1. Wow great results! I've never really owned a curler myself, I've always just curled with my straightening iron but this looks awesome!

    My favourite straightening products are from GHD, never fails :)

    Tamryn @TotallyTamryn - "A Beautician's Beauty Basics"