Thursday, 2 May 2013

Cool and Carefree

I've had this mist for around 2 years now and when I first purchased it, I fell completely in love and devoted to spraying it constantly anytime I could. It lived in my bag for months as my trusty body spray for a little pick me up! Then suddenly we broke up and I just kind of stopped using it for no particular reason... until recently. I was sifting through my perfumes and sprays and this little beauty appeared back into my life. I have officially rekindled my love for this magical body mist.

Victoria's secrets PINK always has beautiful body mists and body butters among other body related items, but unfortunately the only way you can get a hold of them in the UK is in little shops dotted around that sell all beauty related items (such as Paks Cosmetic store in Finsbury Park, North London - I bought this there), I've honestly only seen them around North London and East London - You'll have to have a little google to find your local beauty store. I know Ebay and Amazon sell them but they're being sold for really silly prices along with an even worse postage cost. I know that there are Victoria's Secret stores in London now, but I personally haven't ventured into one so I wouldn't know if they sell PINK, too. I'm guessing they do?

The VS PINK lotions and potions are always packaged beautifully. They're VERY girly and the scents are divine. They always usually have complimentary Lotion for a perfume, which I think is lovely... it's always nice to have just one scent all over and not a mish mash of lotion in coconut for example and then a fragrance in mango....could probably cause a headache! I have yet to purchase any lotions but they are most definitely on my list.

Cool & Carefree smells just like its name. It's the most cooling, fresh scent whilst still managing to smell light and girly. I am no good at describing scents, so I won't bother trying! Just trust in the name ladies!

I have another body mist by VS that I will do a review on very soon, as I'm flitting between the two.

Have you tried any Victoria's Secret Lotions and potions? What's your favourite?

Lauren xo

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