Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Wishlist || May 2013

We all know what it's like when you're lusting after products. Your iphone notes start to overflow with lists upon lists of products that you can't wait to get your mitts on. Unfortunately for my bank balance, this has been the case for the past month and these are the products I would happily empty my piggy bank for.

1. Nars Blush in Orgasm £21.50 - Well if the name doesn't make your head cock to one side then I don't know what will but my oh my look how perfect that hue of pink is! I was under the impression from other bloggers posts on Orgasm that it was slightly coral which made me want it more but nonetheless, it's a beautiful colour.

2. Nars bronzer in Laguna £26.00 - I really really really like the look of this bronzer although I think £26.00 is a bit much for a bronzer. A lot of ladies rave about Laguna, and I believe that many use it as a contour powder? I need I need I need.

3. Nars Sheer Glow foundation £30.50 - Goddamnit Nars you're making me want to throw my bank card at you. I've heard fantastic things about this, it seems like the perfect foundation for summer. It's light-medium coverage that makes you look healthy and ready to go. I think this product will be the first to be snapped up on my list come pay day.

3. Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume £29.00 - I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift by any means but I do recall a trip to Boots not too long ago where a lovely sales assistant gave me a sample of this perfume which lead to me dousing myself in this amazingness for the good part of the day. It smells like candy and unicorns and just pure amazingness really. I am terrible at describing scents so that's all I can say, but it is rather sweet so if you don't particularly like sweet scents, I'd steer clear of this one.

4. Benefit's Fake Up £18.50 - I've read a lot of good things about this product and I've also seen it at work via Youtube, so it's been pretty much sold to me already. It looks amazing.

5. Bioderma sensitive 250ml £9.99 - What sort of beauty blogger would I be without having had Bioderma in my life?! I know this product has been around for donkeys but I've never really gave into it, plus not to mention is was practically unobtainable in the UK until very recently. Since I'm trying to be more conscious of how I prep my skin before makeup and also before I go to bed, I did a bit of research and this seems to be one of the best cleansers/makeup removers on the market. I am very intrigued and can't wait to give it a whirl.

6. Benefit's Watt's Up Highlighter £24.50 - Thanks to the lovely Sammi aka Beauty Crush, I have been lusting after this ever since her mention of it on her Youtube channel not too long ago, and another review on her blog, I really want to give it a try. I am addicted to highlighters and use them everyday. I only own one non powder highlighter, and It's nearly run out and I'm also unable to buy it in the shops anymore so I'm buggered. What better excuse than to buy Watts Up? 

What have you been making notes of to buy recently? Any recommendations for me?!

Lauren xo