Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Flawless Skin Primer

Can you tell I went on a bit of a manic spend on the Undress Your Skin range?!

This is the primer from the Undress your skin collection, and it does not disappoint. At £5 (an introductory price of £3 at the moment), it is one of the more expensive items from MUA. I can understand that they will up their prices as they start to experiment and deliver better quality prices. But I imagine they would never go past £10 as time goes on, if that.

Okay back to the product! This face primer is meant to create a radiant base for you to work on, whilst filling in lines, wrinkles and pores. I've not really seen the radiant aspect yet, but I have definitely seen that it gives me a clear canvas to work on once I've applied it and I've worked it into my skin. I was pretty amazed by how good quality it really is. When rubbing it in, I can see any shine disappear before my eyes, leaving a oily free base to work with. There's no smell which is a plus, as I've tried a few cheaper primers and they always have a plastic smell. This doesn't t smell of anything, and has a lovely feel. It obviously has some sort of collagen, because it has that lovely velvet feel as you apply. The only thing with this is that I never know where I've already applied the product, as you can't see the product as you're applying or really feel much apart from the velvet. 

The only thing that got to me is how small the bottle is. For £5, it is really tiny. I was pretty shocked when I opened my package and saw how small it was. The picture online is really misleading. Nonetheless you don't need much product for your whole face and at £5 I would't mind repurchasing a lot.

Other than that little blip, it is a fantastic product. I would recommend to anyone who is on a budget for a quality product that does what it's meant to!


  1. Hye saw you're going to the london meet up ! I am too and I going alone aswell

    1. yeah I'm going ^_^! hopefully see you there! x

  2. Hi there, could you tell me how this compares to, say, Benefit Porefessional, or one of those department store primers? And, if it keeps away shine (my face is extraordinarily oily). Thanks for the review. If it suits me, you would have saved me a LOT of money xx
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