Friday, 8 February 2013

Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo Review

Whilst wandering through a Superdrug a while ago, I stumbled upon the Organix hair care range. I never even knew Superdrug had Organix in their stores, and only thought I could get it on specialist sites online, so you can imagine how happy I was when I found it! I'm a huge hair buff, and I baby my hair to death. I always use oil in my hair so when I found this Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo, I had to get it. I know the benefits of using oil is huge, and since using oils in my hair after shampooing and conditioning, I've seen a huge difference in my hair condition and length. My hair is about an inch away from my waist, and I hope to get it longer in the coming months. So buying this shampoo with an oil in it should only make that goal easier to get to.

The packaging personally is really cute and luxurious looking. I love the gold and the aqua blue with the black fancy lettering. It gives it an expensive feel without breaking the bank. At £6.99 it's about average for a decent high street shampoo/conditioner, and for what it gives you, you're getting a lot for your money. I haven't got the conditioner and oil yet, but I will soon buy them when I'm next around that particular Superdrug. They also have Macadamia oil shampoo,conditioner and oil and Brazilian Keratin therapy shampoo, conditioner, flat iron spray and serum, too.

The product itself is pretty thick, and smells amazing. It smells a bit like you're on holiday! I do find that your hair has to be completely saturated in water before you can lather this properly, or you find yourself using more product than you should if your hair is only damp/wet. Once your hair is completely soaked on the other hand, it's a dream to lather and easy to rinse. Your hair feels squeaky clean and SILKY SOFT. It feels like you've already conditioned it's that soft. Those with really oily hair or those that don't always have time to condition, this shampoo could be for you. It doesn't dry out the hair, and puts oils back into the hair shaft to condition inside out. I have accidentally forgotten to use conditioner after shampooing with this Organix shampoo and my hair can suffer from being dry/brittle but I didn't have a problem after using this, it still felt silky and conditioned.

My hair has been manageable with no static or flyaway's which sometimes I can find with shampoos I'm not used to. I'm not sure on the staying power of cleanliness before it gets greasy as I have naturally VERY greasy roots after 1-2 days after a wash so I don't like to wait around before my next hair wash. I don't think a product can really determine how quickly your hair will get greasy unless you haven't washed the product out properly. I personally think it comes down to how your hair is naturally. 

Other amazing benefits of using this shampoo is that the product also helps keep your hair protected against heat from styling tools (I would still use a protecting spray) and protects your hair from UV damage! 

Would I buy it again? Hell yes! I really want to try the conditioner and oil now because the shampoo has completely sold me. My hair feels amazing, manageable and protected.  10/10!

Have you tried the Organix hair care range?


  1. Great review! Argan oil is must-have beauty product! I started out using it on my hair until I read about the wonders it does for your skin (so now I use it for both). I've never tried the particular brand you have mentioned here but my favorite product right now is "Defend." Defend is a blend of argan oil and essential oils that I use on my hair & my skin ( If you're interested in great, natural products - I'd definitely suggest checking this company out!

  2. This shampoo left my hair feeling clean, smelling great, and full of body and shine. It also decreased frizz!Jamaican Black Castor Oil

    1. ooo! I've heard that it also promotes growth? x

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