Thursday, 21 February 2013

My daily make up !

Hi guys!

I thought I would do a quick post on my everyday make up, as I find these sort of posts pretty interesting. I always like to see what people are buying and using daily, it gives a good insight into what they really find the best for them.

I live by the rule that no matter what you should always have a good high-end foundation. It is, after all the base and foundation of your beauty look. Without a good base, an even canvas, your make up most likely won't turn out as perfect as you'd like. With everything else, you can experiment with different drugstore/highstreet alternatives!

So first off after moisturising my face with some good old E45, I spritz my face with the MUA Pro Base fixing mist and then wait for a few seconds before moving on to my foundation. With this Estee Lauder foundation, I find you have to work pretty quickly to get the best results because of it being long lasting it sets pretty quickly. I use my Real Techniques Buffing brush to work my foundation in, I do this for a while to make sure it is completely worked into my skin and doesn't look cakey or uneven. I then move on to concealing, which is usually just under my eyes. I mix both Collection Lasting perfection and MUA cover and conceal together under the eye and then blend with the Real techniques buffing brush once again. I then Powder my face with the collection loose powder with a big fluffy blush brush and then go over my entire face with the MUA Undress your skin illuminating powder, to give my face a lovely glow, it brings life back into the skin. I like to leave my blush and contour until I've finished my eyes etc. so I can see how much I need. 

So, I  move on to my brows with the MUA brow kit, and use both the dark and medium brown with a models own angled brush. Once that's done, I use the MUA Pearl eyeshadow in Pearl on my brow bone, in the corner of my eyes, a little dab down my nose and across my cheek bones (not too much because we've already applied the illuminating powder!). I then use the lightest shade from the MUA Undressed Pallet all over the lid and then contour the socket with the brown 3rd along the top. I tight line with the kohl pencil and create a cat eye with the collection felt tip eye liner. Finally, I curl my lashes with the lash curlers and add lashings of Benefit's they're real. 

Okay so now we can add blush and contour! I don't know why I like to leave it to the end, I guess I feel it's the final thing to do to bring the look together. I contour my cheekbones, temple, hairline, jaw and under my chin with the MUA Bronzed perfection with the Real Techniques contour brush. Make sure to blend this out really well or you'll look muddy and weird with lines down your face haha! I then go on to use my Estee Lauder blush (can't remember the name but I know it's discontinued so use any of your favourite blushes!) and sweep this up my cheekbones with a fluffy blush brush. I find that because I have a chubby face, I can't apply it so much on the apples of my cheeks because it weighs down my face. By applying the colour lightly on your cheek bones, you're further sculpting and lifting the face. A tip is to remember that when you apply your blush on the apples of your cheeks you tend to smile, and so when you drop your smile the apples drop and your blush is further down your face.

Finally I apply a chapstick or a lipstick. Of late I've been into the Apoalips lip cream, and variate between Big bang and celestial. Celestial is my favourite, though! To finish off I spritz my whole face with the MUA Fixing mist to set everything for the day!

PHEW! That was long to go through! I was thinking about doing a video to show this look if people are interested. I could go into the products and techniques I use more but I'm not sure who would be interested watching it! Let me know :) <3


  1. Great picks, I really like that blusher shame it's discontinued :)

    1. Thank you :)! I know! The name's rubbed out on my pan, and I googled everywhere for it and couldn't find the name :( xx