Monday, 4 February 2013

LOreal Paris Elvive ExtraOrdinary Oil UV Filter for Coloured Hair

Sorry I've been a bit MIA for a few days...I've been busy with college, work and a friends birthday which ended up me coming come at 8 am the next day! So I was pretty hungover and not capable of stringing a sentence together for the blog! lol.

Okay, on to the product. I purchased this 2 weeks ago, because I'm crazy about my hair and I always apply an oil after I've washed my hair to try and put some moister back into it. I thought this oil would be a good move, and wasn't.

The packaging is a nice glass bottle, making it feel a bit expensive. It cost £8.99, so it's not too bad. Not much to else to say about the packaging! 

The forumla is crap, to say the least. It's way too watery,  I prefer oils to be thicker, I feel they work best with how much hair I have. It smells weird, and above everything...It's dried my hair out SO MUCH. I was not impressed at all, and I refuse to even put it on now. I'm going to see if my sister wants it, as she has thinner hair than I do and maybe it would work for her. I wouldn't recommend this oil, it just seems a waste. It says to squirt 1-2 pumps but I find I need 4-6 because it's that watery. I don't know what other people have said about it as I've not read any other reviews, but I generally really do not rate this at all. I've not seen any benefits from it at all. I also feel like it smells like alcohol? It also feels stiff when I put it on, just like how an alcohol based product would affect your hair....blergh I really can't express how much of a disappointment this product is. I know you sometimes get samples in magazines...give it a try and see how it reacts to your hair if you can...try and do this before you buy at least! 

Have you tried the oil? What do you think?


  1. Too bad it didn't work out for you. I have fair hair that is severely damaged from bleaching and styling and I think this product works wonders for it. It leaves it feeling soft and doesn't weigh it down. I actually think the watery consistency is an advantage because it doesn't make my hair greasy.

    Hope you find a product that does work for you!

    être belle

    1. yeah that's probably my problem :( I have a mane of hair haha! Thank you! xoxox