Sunday, 17 February 2013

Undress Your Skin illuminating Foundation

 This foundation is part of MUA's new Undress Your Skin collection, and is one of the more 'pricier' make up pieces at £5. They don't have a vast colour selection; only 3 colours being Porcelain, beige and Golden. You get 35ml, and to be honest when I opened mine it had no silver foil cap on top and felt half empty like someone had already used it. Might not have, but I wasn't best pleased to begin with!

The colour is pretty much spot on for my complexion, and it doesn't oxidise over time so it doesn't leave you patchy or left with a different colour face to your body. The formula is very liquid, and sheer. I would say it's a light to medium coverage but buildable  I would beware of going over the top though as it could become cakey if you have dry skin. That brings me to another point...

I have dry hands at the moment so this shows you kind of what you're looking at if you have dry skin. It will cling to every patch your skin can muster up, so I would avoid this foundation at all costs unless you have normal to oily (ish) skin. It does however go crap when you have oily skin too. It slides off of my nose after around an hour of wear because of how greasy it gets, and powder doesn't help too much to set the foundation. 

Okay I'm not going to lay into it entirely...

I do actually enjoy this foundation, though. It gives a lovely glow to your skin, and perks your skin up nicely. It blends well into the skin but I've found it works better with your hands, I've tried using my real techniques buffer brush and it does work with it but you don't get the right coverage with it. I think because of how sheer it is on the first coat, with a brush it just kind of disappears into the brush. I've not tried this with a beauty blender so I'm not sure on how that would work with this foundation, though I'm guessing it may absorb into the blender, too. So I'd definitely advise to use your hands!

I'd give this foundation a 5/10. I'm most likely going to use this as a heavy foundation alternative  like for days where I'm only out briefly. Nonetheless, I think it's worth a go, it may work better for you! 


  1. ahh gorgeous blog! I think I'll have to give this a miss since I'm of the dry skin variety but definitely looks nice for oily skin types :) gotta love the price! New follower :) looking forward to your future posts! x