Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Aussie Take The Heat leave-in spray review!

I've been looking around for a good heat defence spray for a long time now, since my TRESemme Heat defence ran out, I was keen to try a new one. Nothing really caught my eye until I found the Aussie shelf in my local Boots. Ding-Ding we have a winner!Who doesn't love and trust Aussie hair care?! I found the Take The Heat leave-in spray, which has Australian Jojoba seed oil to nourish the hair whilst the rest of the product is protecting your locks from the heat produced by blow dryers, hair curlers and hair straighteners. I love spritzing this in when my hair is wet because the formula is pretty wet but feels nourishing, so I hope that by putting it in whilst my hair is still wet, my locks will soak it up with the water. I've definitely seen a difference in my hairs look and manageability since using this spray. Usually my hair will feel straw like after a few hours of my using of curlers or dryers, but when using the leave-in spray, it's definitely more silky, less frizzy and holds any style I challenge my hair to hold throughout the day. The only thing I would want different is the spritzer, as it doesn't spritz enough and it isn't mist like, almost just squirting a line of product out, which is hard to distribute throughout the hair because it only covers a small section when you spray, so you end up spraying the same part a few times.

Nonetheless, this is a superb heat defence spray. It offers a lot to your tresses, by keeping them in good shape with the Australian Jojoba seed oil and also protecting your hair from breakage by frying your hair! Plus, who doesn't love Aussie hair care?! They're my most coveted hair care brand for years!

Have you tried the Take The Heat leave-in spray? What's your favourite Aussie Product?

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  1. I like the sound of this!
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