Monday, 15 July 2013

Rimmel Instant Tan Water Resistant Self Tanner

Around two weeks ago, I was in Superdrug and was on the hunt for a cheap instant self tanner since I was going out with my friends that night and didn't want to look super pasty. Rimmel had just released this water resistant instant tanner and I was keen to try it because of it being water resistant. I bought it in Medium Matte, because the lighter tans never really show up on my skin enough. They did have others with shimmer in, but I didn't want the tan to look obviously fake (provided it didn't come out orange or green mind!). 

Once I got home and prepared my skin, I lathered it on with my hand...yep big mistake. My hand was a dirty brown colour and I had to scrub to get it off! My hands ended up blood red! I used a tanning mitt to finish the skin off. The colour thankfully wasn't orange or greenish at all. It looked like I was beautifully sun kissed and brown. It blended well too, and I had no streaks. 

Now for the bad bit....

it isn't so water resistant in places. It started to come off around my chest area when I accident;y got water on there from washing my hands, and by the end of the night I was patchy and had stripes...actual stripes like a tiger. Wasn't sexy, wasn't cute. I jumped in the bath straight away when I got home and scrubbed! It came off on my clothes too... I know it's a instant tanner which tend to be wash off, but this is also water resistant and I solely bought it in the bid for it not to streak whilst I was out in a boiling hot bar. I think it would be okay if I used it for a day out where I wasn't active and wasn't going to sweat or get hot. Nonetheless I don't think it is very water resistant unless you get it on rough skin like the palms of your hand. You'd have to make your hands bleed to get it off there!...

All in all, I give it a 4/10. I just don't think it's that water resistant. The colour is beautiful, and easy to blend. If only it does what it's meant to! I think I'll stick to my normal St. Moriz :-)


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  1. Oh no that's such a shame that is started to go all patchy and stuff especially when it claims to be water resistant :( I haven't tried this because I'm not sure if it would give me an allergic reaction as fake tan does but gradual tan doesn't, although now I definitely won't be trying this! Great review :D x

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