Sunday, 7 July 2013

Crème De La Mer - The Eye Balm REVIEW

I don't usually like to post about very expensive lotions and potions because let's be honest, we aren't all lucky enough to pop into Selfridges whenever we'd like (I'm certainly not!), but I really thought this eye balm from Crème De La Mer deserved a post dedicated to it's fabulousness!

At £130.00 a pop, these little pots are very much on the pricier side of the eye crème scale and thank baby Jesus I was fortunate enough to be gifted this from my mother. There is no way that I would of been able to part with that much money for an eye crème especially with my income and lack of knowledge on how this product would suit me or, what it would do for me. I can now say that even though it's not exactly obtainable with a months wages, (if I want to pay my bills and have a social life)  I would most likely save for it. Yep,  I would most definitely purchase it again.

The packaging is pretty and rather elegant looking, it looks lovely sitting on your dressing table thanks to it's lovely ceramic pot. Don't leave it near burning candles though like I did, as you can see by the second picture it's rather burnt on one side! I really like the fact that you could always re use the pots and put little bits in it, like ear studs. That's my plan anyway! 

On to the product...

The consistency is creamy and non oily, and green, which I don't mind since I associate green face products with cooling, and this is definitely what this crème does. I love lathering this on before bed or in the mornings if I'm not going to wear make up. I also suffer from hay fever and get really bad drying around my eyes due to rubbing and tears, so I find myself grabbing this to ease discomfort. I also really like that it doesn't sting your eyes, I always tend to weep from my eyes because of how sensitive they are, gladly this doesn't make me want to rip my eyes out. That would suck. 

Like I said, it's non oily, but VERY moisturising  If you suffer from dryness around your eyes, you will most likely find that this would sort that out over night. Even for those that have an oily eye area, you could use this and it wouldn't cause more oil to sit on the skin, as it sinks right into the eye area and leaves no residue. Just because you have an oily eye area, it doesn't mean that your eyes don't still need some TLC girl!

I also notice that when I use this, it helps my dark eye circles. I'm not really sure why, it may be the cooling effect but I definitely see a difference once it's applied and sunk in. It also says on the back that it can also be used on other delicate areas, and I tend to use this around my upper lip (to protect myself from wrinkles/dreaded prune mouth) and décolletage. Any area where there is thin skin, those areas should be paid special attention to when it comes to lotions. 

All in all, yes it is super pricey but it's worth every penny! I will be purchasing this again when I've ran out, which looks to be sooner than later!

Have you tried any Crème De La Mer products? What's your favourite?


  1. omg wow it's not cheap is it?? sounds incredible but i'm afraid i'll have to save for a good while to get this!! :)

    1. I know :(! It's so worth the money though! Let me know if you ever purchase it beaut :) xx