Monday, 28 January 2013

Calvin Klein Ruby Red

Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Crème Lipstick 3.5g

I got this lipstick a few weeks back on fragrance direct website, since I was on a look out for a nice red that compliments my skin tone nicely. Bingo.

I have already got a few red lippies, but I haven't found one with a nice undertone that doesn't make me look washed out. At £1.99 on the site rather than the £13.50 anywhere else, I didn't see a reason not to because if it didn't suit then it was only £1.99 lost. Luckily, I got on pretty well with it.

The pigmentation of the crème lipstick is very deep and long lasting, but maybe a little too crème for my liking...though it's not really a deal breaker, it would just be better if it wasn't as moist. I guess it's just a personal opinion, because people tend to prefer lipsticks that are creamy. It's not drying on the lips, which is good, so as it wears off it doesn't leave a crusty mess behind.  The packaging is sleek and black, just how I like it ;)!

I'd say this lipstick is pretty well formulated, and long lasting. Minus the really creamy consistency (depends on how you like it), I'd say I would buy it again. I probably just have to get used to the creamy formula, it's most likely just me being fussy!

Have you tried any CK Lipsticks?


  1. Ah I adore the colour on you! I love creamy lipsticks, so I'm definitely going to try and find one :)

    Lela -