Thursday, 24 January 2013

We're in it together.

Essie We're in it together  RRP £ 7.99 - Bought for £1.99

I found a site online called fragrancedirect which sells everything beauty and fragrance wise for really really cheap! I was just browsing when I came across the nail section, and found Essie polishes for a measly £1.99! Bargain! I was so chuffed! The ordering and delivery was quick and sufficient  I will be ordering from the site again very soon. 

Okay so on to the product! I wanted a Barbie pink kind of colour and found that they had We're in it together on the site, so obviously I had to buy! The colour is more of a rose-pastel pink colour, but very flattering on my pale complexion. I usually find pinks can look weird on my hands because I'm so fair but this colour is just right. The hue isn't offending enough to wash my hands out or make them look more pink than usual! For some reason it also makes my fingers look skinnier (?!)...maybe just wishful thinking....

I did find I had to apply 3-4 coats to get the perfect pink, but one coat is fine if you want a subtle pink wash of colour...I prefer full on Barbie ;-) It also has a iridescent glimmer/very fine glitter in it which only can be seen with 1-2 coats...after you apply more coats it disappears. Not really fussed as I didn't even know about the glimmer/glitter when I purchased it so I wasn't expecting it. 

I really like this colour, and I'm a bit bored of plum/red winter hues on my nails at the moment, I'm wishing it was spring already so I'm starting to incorporate more colour starting with nails. I need cheering up and what better way to do it?! ha ha. I haven't worn it long enough to report on longevity  but so far so good. My polishes usually last a day because I constantly touch things and mess them up, and this polish still looks perfect. 

I'd give this product an 8/10, deducting 2 points because of how much you have to reapply to get the colour you see in the bottle. Other than that, I'm in love ^_^ !

What's your favourite Essie polish? What would you recommend?


  1. This is such a pretty colour! I love Essie polishes :)

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