Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New Daily Cleansing Routine

 So I've recently changed my cleansing routine because my skin has been in overdrive due to flu and crap products to fill in before my pay day. My skin broke out and was dry, itchy and tight and full of blemishes.

Until I found these gems...

I've heard good things about Biore before, and in particular their cleansers. I picked this one up because I thought to myself I might as well get a product I know will work and rid me of horrible skin faster. It'd designed to deep clean, but doesn't interrupt your skins natural oils or PH.  It's oil free which is fantastic as I have oily to dry skin, and this is made for those with combination skin, too. 

Palmers is a no brainer, and is the one moisturising product I can rely on to completely moisturise my skin deep down. I bought it in the solid form as it's easier to control how much I'm putting on my skin, nothing worse than applying too much and waiting hours for it to sink in. This way I can apply little amounts where I need to, without drenching my skin. It smells like summer, too ;-)!

I don't use any other skin products, I've learned that my skin prefers little product applied so I use one to clean and one to add moister. Anything else causes breakouts and the lot, best to avoid those! I do use an eye crème but it's near enough finished, so I'm on a look out for a good one at the moment! Any suggestions?

So what do you use to cleanse? 

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