Sunday, 13 January 2013


MUA Lipsticks in (top to bottom) Shade 1 and Shade 3 £1 each.

Hi all!

Before I start the review I have a little announcement  As you can probably tell by the URL I have changed my accounts, because I lost my GFC and I pretty much lost out on everything without it. It would be testing for you guys to try and find a way to follow my blog if you wanted to without GFC. So I made the decision to delete my old account and use this one. I've had problems trying to get my old url and for some reason I can't change this to We'll have to work with what we've got I guess! So I have zilch followers and I'm aiming to get on with it and see where this all takes me. Sorry for the confusion!

Anyway...back to the review.
I've had these lipsticks for a while now, and have had a pretty long time to wear and test them out, and at £1 I thought it was worth doing a review on them as not only are they affordable (they can be found at superdrug in store, Superdrug Online and MUA Store Online but they're obtainable, too.

The first shade is Shade 1 (which is a deep berry shade). I'd say I've gotten the most wear out of this shade recently because it's the perfect colour for the Autumn and Winter months. I do prefer reds or berry tones personally, as I find they compliment my fair skin tone pretty well. As for Shade 1, it diverse in the sense that what time of day you wear it doesn't can be worn during the day for an edgy lip with plain eye make up and bolder brows but also worn and layered on in the evening with a cat liner.

Shade 3 on the other hand is a dolly pink shade that would compliment most skin tones  I've not worn this as much as I said previously I tend to sway more towards berry tones but this shade is very girlie and pretty and a great alternative to a nude lip or red lip...because it's not as dramatic as a red lip. It's versatile during the day if you don't want to stand out too much but it's dramatic enough for evening wear due to it's semi loud colour and brings a girlie twist to an edgy evening/party outfit. I'd definitely rock this with a cat eye also for evening wear!

Both lipsticks are non drying and last HOURS and are highly pigmented. Honestly, I couldn't believe how long they did last for, through eating/drinking and during the day in general. I only found myself reapplying once during the day and another in the evenings I was going out for. So you're definitely getting a lot out of a £1 lipstick. I know it's not MAC but it is in no way 'cheap and cheerful' in the sense that its formulated poorly or that it doesn't withstand day to day activities because if I'm being honest it's one of the best (if not the best) drugstore lipsticks on the market at the moment and it's a good alternative than shedding out over £10 on a lipstick at mac when you're trying to save pennies. Seriously, don't knock it until you try it ;)

Now onto the packaging and added bonuses. The packaging is sleek and not fussy which I like. The cap "locks" in place and I've personally found it doesn't pop off constantly although it has done once or twice in my bag (lost cap in bag = messy dirty lipstick = unhappy Lauren), nothing worse than a ruined lipstick, so it would be better if it were a magnetic lock. The lipstick also includes gloss at the bottom of the case (I thought it was just to show you what colour was inside..I only found out it was gloss by looking online)! So in reality you're getting two products per lipstick for £1! I don't always apply the gloss over my lipstick as I find you could use them both separately and they'd still look fantastic, I just generally use the lipstick but it's good to know I have the options.

Overall, these lipsticks are pretty much awesome. It's light on the wallet, you're getting two for one per lipstick because of the gloss and its super longevity  and no dry lip! So I'd give these an 9/ point taken because it would be better if it had a magnetic locking effect on the cap.

The lipstick comes in 16 shades:

So, you have a pretty good variety of shades (although the nude ones look a bit orange/salmon for my liking). Would be awesome if they brought out more shades and what not.

Have any of you guys tried MUA Lipsticks yet?

p.s excuse my pj top in the pictures! I'm ill :( haha


  1. Great review :) I absolutely love the MUA lipsticks too, they are so pigmented & nourishing on the lips for how cheap they are!

    1. Thank you Katie! I'm glad you enjoyed reading the review! Looks like I'll be doing another MUA review soon....did a cheeky order earlier! ^_^ xx

  2. Love shade 1! Will definitely have to check the MUA lipsticks out.
    You've got a new follower :) xo

    1. Thank you :) MUA Lippies are so addictive! I seem to want to buy more every time I'm there but my local superdrug is poorly stocked :(

  3. I only own one MUA lippy but aiming to buy more .. after my spending ban!
    Those shades look great on you
    New follower :D

    1. Thank you :)! Yeah, I think it's hard to find a superdrug that stocks all MUA products, so best bet is online ;-) I did a massive order yesterday >.< oops! xxxx

  4. gorgeous shades!! I love how mua lippies are well pigmented with a great pricetag :) xx

    1. They really are ^_^ I can't stop purchasing them! xx